Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring + This Week's Memory

I'll try to make this post quick.  I over slept and my 1 year old is walking around with a hand full of ink pens right now. 

Our weekend was full of rain and it's still raining.  We're stuck inside....again.  I'm so ready for Spring!  I think I'll share some Spring images to brighten my rainy day.  I'm loving my new blog design.  It's my happy place.  :)  So, I'm feeling like it can be spring if I want it to be.....

So, that wasn't quick.  It took quite an amount of time to find those happy photos and my sofa could be covered in ink by now......but it's not.  She climbed into the toy chest and can't get out.  ;)


When I was texting my sister yesterday about some stuff I'm struggling with, she sent me a verse.  Once I looked it up, there was  no doubt this would be my first memory verse.  So, our memory verse for this week is....

Ephesians 6:10-12
The Armor of God

[NIV] 10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms

[KJV] 10Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
 11Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
 12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

[ESV] 10Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. 11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. 12For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

Which version if your fave?  Mine is a combo of NIV and KJV.

Tomorrow, I'm going to share some fun house inspiration!  Hopefully now I can get back into a normal blogging routine!  Happy Monday!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Custom Mirror Frames

You may remember about the outdoor chairs and table made for some friends of ours that were building a house.  Well, they moved into their new house right before Christmas and I've been to visit.  All I can say is WOW!  That house is out of this world beautiful.  So calm and soothing.  Those are the only words I can think of.  I just feel like I'm at Seaside when I'm in their house!  Here are some custom mirror frames we made for the master bathroom.  Everyone loves these!  You will, too.....

These are glazed Ecru with Lattice Trim.  Lattice Trim is my fave.  I'm in love.  :)

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thanks + Scripture

Thank you for all the nice comments about the new blog design and name.  I'll be sure to pass them along to the woman behind it all......Carolyn.  ;)  She really is the best and I'm so glad she did not jump through the computer and slap me because I asked her to change a few things and then ended up going back to the way she had it in the first place. 

Holy-Ba-Geez!  Y'all!  I have never seen my blog get so many hits in one day.  Yesterday, on it's debut, Constant in Chaos got over 600 page views!  Wow!  I guess this means that Constant in Chaos is a much cooler blog than iBlog ever was???  Thank you for looking around and for passing it on to others.

I'm so excited about the 'scripture' tab on my new blog design.  One of my goals this year (not resolution, but goal) is to memorize scripture throughout the year of 2011.  I didn't put a number on it.  I didn't put a frequency.  No limits.  No pressure.  But, it is something I do want to do and I want to try to do it weekly.  I invite you to join me.  Why memorize scripture?  I desire to.  I long to know God more and through His word, I am better equipped to handle my earthly life.  And, so I might see a clearer picture of just who God is and how He's working in my life.

This is how I plan hope it will work out.....
I introduce the verse I'm memorizing that week on Monday morning.  Maybe share the verse and come up with a cool way to memorize it.  Who knows where this will take us!  Then, on Friday (which used to be my "Red Letter Friday"), revisit the verse and share with each other how God's word spoke to us that week and if we can actually say the verse from memory without looking at it.  Bonus points to those who can say it without looking AND can share how His word has worked in their life during the week!  (wink wink)

I'm using an app for this.  You can too.  But, for those uncool people out there without iPhones and smart phones (who am I kidding...I don't even know what a smart phone is), then you can keep up with us however you want!  The app is called "Woody Hays Bible Memory Verses" and it's free!  The cool thing about it, is that it has the verses divided by topic, a place to keep up with your memory verses, a place to add your own verses, a place to keep up with the ones you've already memorized, and a whole list of different Bible versions.  This I'm excited about because different people prefer different versions of the Bible.  Part of my plan hope is to list the Bible verse each week in a few different versions, just so we can compare.  Plus, sometimes I like the NIV better, sometimes the ESV and sometimes the KJV.  

If you're new to the Bible, don't worry!  It just so happens that one of my favorite bloggers just wrote a post about this and it will help you tremendously!  Seriously, I'm so glad I read this on her blog because she took the words right out of my mouth!  I too have a Children's Story Book Bible (it's my son's) and I read it all the time.  Truth be told, I can't put it down when I start.  It helps you to understand God's word.

That was a lot of info for a Friday.  Guess I'm pumped and ready to go since I have a new design.  ;)  Hope you all have a great weekend and please let me know your thoughts on the weekly memory verses.  Come on, y'all!  We're gonna have to communicate more and y'all are going to have to quit lurking!  Totally kidding, but for real, let's be a community.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ready for the big reveal?!

If you don't know Carolyn V., you should.  She is only the most talented blog designer on the planet.  She did everything I wanted plus some.  You can hop on over to her blog and thank HER for this *wondey blog design she whipped up for me! 

Browse around.  Show some comment love.  Send the link to your friends!  And please, let me know if something is not working correctly.  I could not be more excited about this.

Ok, so let me tell you a little about it.  I love the bead board background!  Perfect for someone who has a husband that builds.  I love how the layout is unique. 

*wondey = wonderful in Carolyn V. language

You will notice I have a link to KWW & my photography site.  There is also a button that leads to blogs and sites that inspire me.  Last, there is a button called 'scripture'.  This one is going to be weekly memory verses that I plan to share.  I invite you to memorize right along with me!  (more details on that coming soon)

If you want to subscribe to my blog, you can click on the side bar to do so.  If you want to "follow", you will simply copy and paste my URL into your Blogger Dashboard blog manager. 

I'm pooped and I know Carolyn is, too.  So, nite nite!  I'll be dreaming about my wondey blog design.


ps.....I love seeing new blogs.  Please leave me a comment telling me YOUR favorite blog.  :)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun Stuff!

Thanks for all the emails and text messages wishing JT good luck on his interview!  I'm so nervous for him.  He's there right now! :)

I hate to be a major teaser, but my new blog design is going to be so beautiful and fun!  Can't wait to share....sometime soon!

For now, I have some other fun stuff....

Photos from the baby shower we threw for my friend, Missy, who is having TWIN GIRLS!  Oh my goodness at the "Ooooo-ing" and the "Ahhhhh-ing" at all the precious gifts she got!  Missy was just radiant and twin pregnancy suits her quite well.  We all couldn't believe how it was all right there in her tummy like a little basketball.  I'm sure she feels like it's more than just a basketball, but she looks wonderful!  And the best thing is that the babies are both very healthy and growing wonderfully. They are measuring about 2 and 3 pounds which is great! 

One of our gifts to Missy, Ella & Audrey (aren't those names absolutely beautiful!) were two Kiwi Wood Werks frames for the nursery!  Missy had called me a few weeks prior to shower asking where she might find pricing to frames on the KWW website.  A light bulb went off in my head.  She was so surprised and asked if we had just set them at the shower for display!  Ha!  She didn't dream she'd actually get to take them home.  I have to say, these are two of my favorite out of all that JT has made.  I printed out their monograms on 8.5x11 card stock so the frames wouldn't be empty.  My intention was to just have something in there until they were born and she could put pictures in them, but I think Missy is going to leave the monogram in there!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

So Excited I'm About To Pee In My Pants!

Yes, it's one of those moments again! 

If you're confused by my blog title (or you're new --- Hi! Welcome!) and missed where I announced a name change, you can read where I posted all about it HERE.  As well as why I chose Constant in Chaos for my blog's new name. 

Also, I got an email this morning from only the most bestest blog designer in the whole wide world and she is working on my new blog design RIGHT NOW!  Well, maybe not right now.  She actually lives in Austria and it's night time there.  So, she's probably chillin out in her jammers right now.  But, she is working on my blog design!  Depending on how difficult of a client I become, it will be done soon.  How flippin exciting is that?!  I'm so excited I could pee in my pants! 

More great news!  John Taylor just got an interview in Birmingham for Tuesday morning.  He will be traveling there Monday night and going on the interview Tuesday.  Please pray for safe travels and a job!  :)

Hope you all are having a great weekend and hey new folks!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

This Week's Faves

This week's faves.  I'm sure you've noticed I haven't done my weekly faves in a while, but I have still been saving them.  So, I've got A LOT!  I'll pick my absolute faves from the past few weeks and post those today.  Here we go!  Get ready, there are some great ones!

Feeling Bad About Leaving Your Bible At Home When You Go On Vacation :: by Jon :: Stuff Christians Like
You know he's always one of my faves!  Very funny and very well written, Jon!

The soft X :: by Jon :: Stuff Christians Like
Ok, so you know sometimes two of his posts are my faves!  Thanks for the message, Jon!

Designing Table Backdrops :: by Toni :: Design Dazzle
Gonna file this one away for future birthday parties!  Wonderful ideas!

His Plan Exactly.  No Need To Manipulate or Control :: by A.Ann :: Resolved2Worship
Ahhh, you know I LOVE her!  The post that really spoke to me....

I'm telling you now :: by Jennifer :: Playgroups are no place for children
Way to go, Jennifer!  So proud of you for being so bold.  You inspire me!

29, ready or not, here i come :: by Jenn :: the blonde aquarius
Wow!  So proud of you, BFF!  I really need to learn all those things, too.  Thank you for such a honesty, inspiring post.  I couldn't help but share it with others!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, BFF!

Today my real life BFF turns 29!  Here name is Jennifer.  She has been in my life longer than any other friend.  We met when we were 4.  She is seriously a huge part of the reason I am who I am today.  She and I were homeschooled together in middle school.  I could tell stories for days and days about our adventures.  I'll share a few....

There was a small creek behind my house and we used to play in it.  We'd dream up how we'd one day make the dirt road at the end of our neighborhood a big parking lot and make the small hills of dirt (hills that big trucks that belonged to teenagers who went riding in the woods at night made) into roller coasters one day.  We also called the small  creek our "Environment".  I don't really know why....I think it had something to do with saving the world. 

I remember another story....she and I used to ride our bikes (without holding on to the handle bars) down the street really fast.  We'd chase after teenagers cars with little notebooks tired around our necks.  We had little binoculars that we used to see their tag numbers on their plate.  We'd write down the tag numbers of people speeding and take them to her mom.  We asked her to call the police on them.

These stories (along with many others) are just a glimpse into our lives when we were very young, but they tell SO much about who we are today.  Ha! 

We've been there through each other's high school years and college years.  Through love, heart break, life's joys and life's struggles.  She was my maid of honor in our wedding.  She was there the day my children were born.  If it's happened in one of our lives, we've experienced it TOGETHER. 

We may have tried to fight our futures at one time, but the truth is....we'll probably end up living next door to each other and homeschooling our children together.  (wink wink, Jenn)

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dear Friend!  I hope your day is beautiful, just like you.

You can read Jenn's awesome blog HERE!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lucky Dog Rescue

A friend of mine from back home started a blog that I'd like to share with you today.  Her name is Ashely and let me just tell you a few things about Ashley.....

She is a very passionate person.  I admire her and her passion.  She IS changing the world.  She has a determination like no other.  She is smart, beautiful, kind, hopeful and involved.  She doesn't just sit and let things pass her by.  She is in the know.  One of those people that you read their Facebook statuses and think, Wow!  This person is going places! 

That's my view of Ashely.  After reading a few articles that she posted on Facebook and realizing she very ambitious and wanting to reach many people, I suggested she start a blog!  She thought that was a grand idea since she loves to write and I offered to help. 

I'm thrilled that I was a little part of this blog --- a blog that will spread a word to many, many people that needs to be spread.  I hope you will join me in helping Ashley and getting involved in any way you can....even if it's just a little gesture! 

Please visit her new blog designed by yours truly!  Read about Ashely.  Become a follower.  Get involved.  Help.  Donate.  Pray for Ashely and her endeavors.  Or, please pass the link along to your peeps.  Thanks, Ashely, for letting me feature your new blog here today!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My New Faves!

I have to admit, the two tone look was not my fave out of all the frames JT has made.  Until now.....

Perhaps it's because he used my favorite color with a glaze --- Powder Blue.

Maybe it's because he distressed it just the way I like it....

I just love the detail in this pair of frames.  These photos do not do them justice....

So, these are my new faves....

*as always, if you'd like information on purchasing frames like the pair above, please simply contact us at

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Me? Stylish?

Erin, from skoots and cuddles was kind enough to award me and iBlog with the
Stylish Blogger Award!

I was honored!

I was told that I was to share 7 things about myself and then pass the award along to some blogs that inspire me!  How much fun! 

Thank you so much, Erin!  If you hadn't already gotten it, you'd be one of them.  Your home inspires me and I love looking through your inspiration photos.


Ok, here are the first 7 things about me that come to mind at 10:55 pm:

1 :: I have brown hair and blue eyes.

2 :: Two material posessions that I can't live without are my iPhone and my Shark.

3 :: I love taking long showers.  I solve all my little world's problems in the shower.  And seem to do my praying in the shower, too.  Perhaps it's because I can't hear kids screaming if I tried and all I hear is the sound of falling water.  Ahhh.....

4 ::  I like to take long showers. (hmmm, wonder why....)

5 :: I used to be an aerobics instructor in college.  I taught a 30 mintues abs class, too!  Ha!  Boy have times changed....

6 :: I majored in Floral Design and worked at an upscale, European florist in Birmingham when I first got married.  It was fun and wow at the weddings we did!

7 :: My parents and my husband's parents got married on the same day, the same year.  And, get this!  They both went to the same city for their honeymoon.  Neither of them can remember what hotel they stayed at, but at the time there were probably only a few hotels at this particular beach.  They could have very well stayed at the same hotel!  Crazy!


Here are some blogs I think are so cool and that inspire me greatly!

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I love Jesus....and I don't use cloth diapers.....

Don't get me wrong, I wanted to use cloth diapers.  But, John Taylor just wasn't sold on the idea.  Even after I prepared a 10 minute sales pitch on why they would be better for our baby's bottom and the environment, he wasn't buying it.  His argument was that we'd be washing diapers so much that we'd use a lot more water and electricity.  In the end, he won out.  I am very hard on myself and tend to make things harder than they could be because I want the best for my family.  But, I caved on the diapers.  I only wish I had it in me.....

Does this make me a bad mom?  No.

There is SO much pressure on mom's today.  Mom's today not only "stay at home", but they are doing everything from blogging to decorating to starting small businesses online.  Think about it.  Being a "stay-at-home-mom" is a lot more than it used to be.  Way back when, it was just that --- a stay-at-home-mom.  Are y'all with me?  By this, I mean that mom's actually stayed at home.  They ironed while the kids napped!  Ha!  Could you imagine?   I can imagine it was nothing like what I'm doing.....

There are more and more moms trying to "make a living" or bring in extra income while they are stay-at-home-moms.  This is what I am doing and this is hard.  I am so torn every day.  I want the best for my babies and all I was ever called to be was a mom.  A mom staying home and playing, singing, drawing, teaching every day.  I get so much joy out of that.  But, we (like many other families) have fallen on hard times.  I beat myself up because I'm not "doing this" the way I always planned.  The way I feel I was called to. 

I don't understand some people who want to judge and criticize women who blog...who write and share from their hearts.  I think THIS really struck a cord in me and prompted me to write this post.  Here is this woman whom I greatly admire --- I admire her strength, faith, braveness, beauty, photography, mothering style, everything!  How many people are going to criticize her and say she is only "staging her life" for her blog.  I have one word: jealousy.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't all moms who blog want to blog to show the happy, beautiful things that happen in their life?  Geez! 

I'm aware of the fact that people think I/other moms blog to "look a certain way".  Perhaps it's silly or disturbing to some.  Some in particular I know.

All that to say that I'm here to tell you the truth:

My name is Catherine.  I love Jesus.  I don't use cloth diapers. 

I also went to Walmart yesterday wearing the following:
-Some work-out pants I've had since high school
-A t-shirt I've had since college that I'm ashamed to admit (but I'm going to admit anyway) should be refereed to as a "shackin shirt".   Don't worry girls not from the south, shackin doesn't mean "going all the way".  Ha!
-No make-up, hair in pony tail.

I would also like to tell you that since becoming a mom, I've become quite good at:
-Doing tasks while holding a baby
-Doing tasks while nursing a baby
-Using the bathroom with one or two toddlers on me or around me
-Putting on make-up while feeding a baby breakfast

I'm stay at home with my babies.  Sometimes it's not glamorous!  I have to deal with poop, pee, spilled liquids every day!

I would also like to inform you that even though it says I don't drink coffee on my 'about' page, I have recently started....every once in a while....only on preschool days.....and Saturday....and Sunday.

I would also like you to know that I've had to fall to my knees many times in the past few months to pray for my family, our finances, our children, my marriage, our big move, our earthly life. 

This is all ok with me.  At the end of the day, I know I did the best I could.  Jesus loves me, this I know.  Even if I don't use cloth diapers.  :)

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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Congratulations, Kate from Cocktails & Cupcakes!  You won the Kiwi Wood Werks frame since you were comment #11! Thanks for all the sweet comments.  I wish I could send you all a gift.  I couldn't figure out how to get this random number generator in my post, so I took a picture of it with my phone.  :) 

Kate, shoot me and an email and we'll discuss shipping!  So happy for you to have a frame for your home.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Q&A, Thank You and Reminder

A few things to cover today!  I've been a blog slacker and I miss y'all!  First...

There is a little tab at the top of my blog that says "ask me anything".  I hate this tab and need to delete!  Every time someone uses it, it sends me an email saying that I have a question waiting for me!  This is so exciting.....until....I sign in and nothing.  Nada.  Zero questions waiting for me.  But, I knew something had to be wrong and I realized that I was signing in the wrong account!  For some crazy reason I have TWO account for that little gadget.  So, I finally saw my question!  Someone asked how to sign up to get my posts through email.  Great question!   So, if you're out there, here's your answer.  Finally! (and just FYI....when the blog gets it's makeover, I'm doing away with that way of asking questions.)

So, just how do you sign up to get my post via email???

There is a button on my sidebar (to the right ----->) and it says "SUBSCRIBE".  You simple click there on the word "Posts".  Now, if you asked this and you don't have a clue what to click on after that window pops up...neither do I!  Ha!  It's actually  up to you.  Do you want to use your Google account?  Your Yahoo account?  You decide. If you don't have one of those account, simply email me. ( I can set it up in my dashboard for you to receive my posts via email.  Hope this helps!


Thank you!  I have been meaning to say.  Thank you for all the thoughtful comments, emails and prayers sent my way after I write my constant in chaos post.  That meant so much and made my heart smile.  If you wrote me an email and I haven't replied, I will get around to it one day.... Every night I say I'm going to sit down and reply to emails and once the kids are finally nite-nite and I do sit down with computer in my lap, I start to fall asleep.  Either that or my eyes start bleeding.  Sorry.  I blame my eyes.  But, you have no idea how much the emails encouraged me.  I know God speaks to me through blogging and He's been speaking to me this week!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Don't forget to leave a comment on my GIVE AWAY POST or email me to enter to win a Kiwi Wood Werks frame!  The random number generator is picking a winner TOMORROW!!!!  Oh, and I just have to say that I was so thrilled to hear from so many of you on the give away.  Wow!  Y'all need to speak up more often!  It made me smile ear to ear to read all the comments about how you love my blog and how wonderful I am and how my blog makes diet coke come out of your nose sometimes.  I didn't know I was actually funny to others!  This is great!  As Em & Tim would say, y'all are the wind beneath my wings.


Do y'all remember me speaking of my friend, Missy, who is pregnant with twin girls!  She was very sick when she first found out she was pregnant.  Well, she's much better now (thank you, God!) we are throwing her a huge baby shower tomorrow!  I'm super excited about all the things we have in store for Missy that are gonna literally knock her socks off and make her cry!  I haven't shared too many details because Missy reads my blog (hi Missy!).  But, plan to post many pictures after the big event! 

Happy Weekend!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

10 on the 10th [winter storm]

You may remember the month before last I participated in "10 on 10" (you can read that post here).  I skipped December, but could not wait to take my 10 on 10 this month.  Only, I took 12.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Or, maybe I wasn't thinking.  In my mind, I was thinking I needed to end on the same hour I started.  So, I took a picture every hour for 12 straight hours. 

Before I show you the pictures, let me give you a little background info and warn you.....these may bore you.  Today was supposed to be this BIG winter storm day here in the South.  It has been raining and sleeting a bit (and even a few snow flurries), but it's not near as bad as the weather man made it out to be.  So, we've been inside all day.  I have two words for you --- Cabin.  Fever.  Perhaps next month on the 9th, we'll be doing something super fun so the pics will be more interesting.  I had fun anyway and it made the day go by fast.  

Ok, here we go.....
JT let me sleep late because I wasn't feeling well.  This is literally the first sight I saw when I walked in the den from waking up.  Kids watching Toy Story 3 and my 3 year old looks up at me and says in the most sincere, sweet voice: "Hey Mama!  Did you have a good nap?"

 An appropriate game to play on "winter storm day"....don't you think......

 JT on iTunes.

 Open the fridge to make the kids lunch and the alarm sounds on my phone to remind me to take a picture.  This is what I was looking at when I heard my alarm, so......
(Oh, and the reason we stocked up on so much milk....the BIG winter storm, of course!)

 Ahhhh, 1:00.  The kids' nap time.  And, usually the time I sit down for the first time all day and have myself a little lunch in peace.

Decided to finally take a shower.  Snow days are so lazy and fun!  Was just about to apply lotion when I realized it was picture time!

 Checking out the "storm" damage.  Ha!

 Sitting looking out the window, listening to the sleet hit the house.  Took this picture just seconds after realizing my kids were still napping and it was 4:00 and took this picture just seconds before I heard my baby's cry.

 Feeding the dog chips!

 This picture explains itself.

I love this picture.  Number 1 because it's unedited and I love that.  Number 2 because all the lights are lit up because I took it at just the second one of our kids said something over the monitor and it lit up!

Watching football with the hubs.  I love how the screen looks in this pic.

Hope you enjoyed my 10 on 10 as much as I enjoyed participating.  Happy 10th!

[PS..Don't forget to enter for my give away in yesterday's post!]

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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Today I'm writing post #200!  I can't believe that.  Thank you so much for reading.  Since I did a give away on post #100, I thought I'd do a give away on 200, too.  Since 200 is bigger than 100! 

To enter to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post!  I will pick a winner one week from today.  If you don't have an account and are unable to leave a comment, just email me with your comment and I'll include it! [].  I want everyone to be able to have a chance to win! 

The winner will get a frame from Kiwi Wood Werks & Designs!

Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!

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Another Vendor's Order Complete!

I absolutely love these frames that were just shipped out to one of our vendors!  I love to see other's color choices.  Sometimes it's colors I would never even think of putting together.  These are so bright and cheery.  Enjoy!

As always, if you are interested in any of the above frames and/or want to know colors used, prices --- simply contact us at:

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